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-====== The GERB International Science Team (GIST) ====== 
-===== Introduction ===== 
-From the RAL web site: 
-> "The GIST has been set up as a European group of scientists in order to assist the GERB Principle Investigator in defining the user requirements for the GERB mission and in monitoring the scientific aspects of the programme"​ 
-From the EUMETSAT web site: 
-> "The science aspects of the GERB project are monitored by the GIST under the leadership of the Principal Investigator (Prof. J. E. Harries of Imperial College)"​ 
-===== Meetings ===== 
-The last meeting (i.e. GIST-31) was hosted by Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Sept. 2011. The next meeting (GIST 32) will be a joint CERES-ScaRaB-GERB meeting at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) in Princeton, USA, from 22 to 26 Oct. 2012. There will be a common "​Science"​ session and dedicated technical sessions for the 3 instruments. ​ 
-===== GIST Presentation ===== 
-From GIST-16 onward, the GIST agenda, minutes and presentations are available on the GERB-team site at Imperial College (password is needed): http://​​gerb/​gerbteam/​gistmeetings 
-===== Contact ===== 
-GERB Team (gerb "​@"​\\ 
-Space & Atmospheric Physics Group\\ 
-Blackett Laboratory\\ 
-Imperial College\\ 
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