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The GERB International Science Team (GIST)


From the RAL web site:

“The GIST has been set up as a European group of scientists in order to assist the GERB Principle Investigator in defining the user requirements for the GERB mission and in monitoring the scientific aspects of the programme”

From the EUMETSAT web site:

“The science aspects of the GERB project are monitored by the GIST under the leadership of the Principal Investigator.”

Principal Investigator

Prof. J. E. Harries of Imperial College London has been acting as GERB Principal Investigator from the very beginning of the project until 2014. In 2014, Helen Brindley took over the PI responsibility.


The last meeting (i.e. GIST-33) was a joint CERES-ScaRaB-GERB meeting (also known as Earth Radiation Budget workshop) held in Toulouse, France, from 7 to 10 Oct. 2014. There has been a common “Science” session and dedicated technical sessions for the 3 instruments.

More information and workshop program are available via

All the presentations are made available via the CERES web site

GIST Presentation

From GIST-16 onward, the GIST agenda, minutes and presentations are available on the GERB-team site at Imperial College (password is needed):


GERB Team (gerb “@”
Space & Atmospheric Physics Group
Blackett Laboratory
Imperial College

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