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GERB team Organisation RMIB

This page aims to inform you about who is responsible of which part of the GERB / CM-SAF projects at the RMIB. If you need a contact, you can email or phone the concerned person. In case of email, it is worth to put our collective email address (gerb(at)oma(dot)be) in CC.

:!: Every RMIB GERB team member can be reached at FirstName [dot] LastName [at] oma [dot] be.

Collective E-Mail

Alessandro Ipe (+32 2 373 06 31)

  • Scientist: cloud retrieval for Earth Radiation Budget studies, radiative transfer modelling.
  • Manager of the web and ftp servers
  • System administration of the GERB/CMSAF operational computers
  • System administration of the personal computers of the team
  • Responsible for the GERB data transfer with the RAL
  • Representative at IC user committee of the Institute

Almudena Velazquez (+32 2 373 67 58)

  • Scientist: EarthCARE unfiltering study, radiative transfer modelling
  • Liaison with CERES team

Edward Baudrez (+32 2 373 06 15)

  • Scientist: impact of reduction of aerosol in the 80' on the Earth Radiation Budget using ERBE wide field of view data.
  • Backup/help for system administration (see A. Ipe)

Ilse Decoster (+32 2 373 06 23)

  • Scientist: Earth Radiation Budget from Meteosat First Generation (GERB-like), calibration and aging of Meteosat sensors.
  • Currently following post graduate study in “Meteorology and climate modeling”

Nicolas Clerbaux (+32 2 373 06 10)

  • Scientist: method for monthly mean TOA fluxes estimation for the CM-SAF, SEVIRI processing within the RGP, GERB LW angular modelling.
  • GERB web site content
  • GERB/CERES comparisons
  • Administration and project management
  • SEVIRI reception via EUMETCast

Patrick Vandermeulen (+32 2 373 06 29)

  • All day-to-day operations for the GERB and CM-SAF projects
  • Reprocessing exercices (GERB, CM-SAF)
  • Monitoring of the SEVIRI reception
  • Data management: archiving and retrieval (SEVIRI, GERB, CMSAF)

Pieter-Jan Baeck (+32 2 373 06 23)

  • Scientist: spatial and temporal processings within the RGP (geolocation, resolution enhancement, …)
  • Maintenance and development of the RGP (Edition-1, implementation of the Edition-2)
  • Quality control of the GERB products
  • GERB data reprocessing
  • Currently following post graduate study in “Meteorology and climate modeling”

Stijn Nevens (+32 2 373 06 26)

  • Scientist: aerosol retrieval using SEVIRI, aerosol forcing using SEVIRI+GERB
  • Processing of long database of aerosol data for the CM-SAF

Steven Dewitte (+32 2 373 06 24)

  • Head of department
  • GERB and CERES science team member

Postal Address

Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Department Observations
Section Remote Sensing from Space
Avenue Circulaire, 3, Ringlaan
B-1180 Brussels

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