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Remote sensing of troposheric aerosols from SEVIRI data


At RMIB, we study the direct radiative effect of aerosols on climate. We mainly use 2 instruments onboard MSG satellites: SEVIRI and GERB. SEVIRI is the main radiometer that measures the reflected solar radiation and the emitted infrared radiation in 12 spectral bands. GERB makes broadband measurements in 2 channels in order to study the earth's energy budget. The optical properties of aerosols are retrieved using SEVIRI which are then related to the GERB measurements in terms of radiative forcing of the aerosols.

Meteosat-8 images


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aerosol optical depth

Aerosol optical depth, 5 March 2004, SEVIRI 0.6μm


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RGB dust

Dust storm over the Sahara, 8 March 2006, RGB (12.0μm – 10.8μm , 10.8μm – 8.7μm , 10.8μm)

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